Good Neighbour Awards Local Business Spotlight

Bakaliko & Co: Where Locals Come for the Food and Stay for the Good Company

Written by Caroline Barrett

This past Neighbour Day, Nextdoor asked neighbours across Australia to honour the neighbours who go above and beyond to better their communities. In this Neighbour Day Award Spotlight we’ll meet Anastassio Rovolis, winner from Kurraba Point, New South Wales.

Surrounded by the Sydney Harbour in picturesque Kurraba Point, there’s a small shop with a striped, black and white awning that covers an outdoor seating area inviting locals to sit down for a minute, sip a cup of coffee, and get to know one another. Bakaliko & Co, a neighbourhood concept store that serves, coffee, tea, eats and treats is a family-owned business that has become a center for community in Kurraba Point.

Anastassio “Tass” Rovolis opened Bakaliko & Co in 2018, and since then, the community has never felt more connected. Tass was nominated by another member of the community, Cecily-Anna, who said that his shop has become so much more than just a place to buy delicious food. She explained that Tass “has truly brought the neighbourhood together.” While she vouched that he does serve “the best rosewater Turkish Delight this side of the Southern Hemisphere,” what really stands out is his effort to build “a true hub for community. Where neighbours become friends, locals feel welcomed and the spirit of old-school community values truly comes alive.”

Customers often refer to Bakaliko as their “home away from home” where locals come and enjoy coffee and treats, while stopping to chat with other customers. One big reason for this, is Tass’ ability to connect with people and create a place where neighbours can get to know each other. Another customer said that he loves that Tass, “the owner gets to know residents.”

Everything at Bakaliko & Co is especially curated for the customers. The shop has all of the essentials from deli meats and cheeses, to fresh produce, cold drinks, pastries, sweets, and fresh sandwiches. It also hosts a number of speciality items like traditional Greek style desserts and Segafredo coffee from Italy. Bakaliko & Co also uses a number of local suppliers such as LUXE, a bakery in Sydney that makes artisan breads and pastries with top quality ingredients. Be sure to try the sourdough breads and ricotta muffins!

They also organise a number of events including tastings of local and imported cheeses, and most recently, an olive oil tasting to celebrate Australia Day. These events are a fun way to bring the community together and try all of the delicious, local food that Kurraba Point has to offer.

Tass and Bakaliko & Co are building community by bringing people together to enjoy top quality, local food and goods! Bakaliko & Co shows us that when local businesses thrive, communities thrive.

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond to better your local community? Email us at to tell us about a great neighbour in your area.

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