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As Simple as Saying Hello

Written by Ellison Moore

This past Neighbour Day, Nextdoor asked members across Australia to honour the neighbours who go above and beyond to better their communities. In this Neighbour Day Award Spotlight, we’ll meet Daniel Sulkowski from Seacombe Heights, Adelaide.

According to the Seacombe Heights community, Daniel is the “ultimate good neighbour.” Daniel is known to help neighbours with their yards and pets, assist the elderly with household jobs, and loan his trailer out to neighbours in need. Additionally, he is particularly passionate about smaller local businesses and goes out of his way to support them. It is no surprise why Dennis, who lives down the street, nominated Daniel for the Nextdoor Neighbour Day Award!

Daniel always makes a point to say hello to everyone in his neighbourhood and understands the importance of having a safe area where everyone is friendly and knows one another. Currently, he is working with one of his neighbours to build a deck and landscape his garden.

Being a neighbour means more to Daniel than someone who lives Nextdoor. To him, they are family and he has been amazed at how quickly and easily people can become important to one another. He has lived in Seacombe Heights for the last three years and says the neighbourhood reminds him of the tight-knit community where he was born and raised. Daniel grew up playing football and credits sports as to why he’s so passionately involved in his community.

Daniel believes that anyone can find a supportive community, sharing, “The world can be isolating and lonely, people have stopped acknowledging each other. Get to know your neighbours! Say hello to them, ask them what their story is – someone really unique could be living right nextdoor to you.”

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