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How Nextdoor Is Helping You Reduce Waste In Your Neighbourhood

Written by Jennie Sager

At Nextdoor, we believe that when neighbours start talking, good things happen. We know this is true because we see neighbours all over Australia lending a helping hand. In fact, a recent Nextdoor survey found that 79% of members would help a neighbour in need. 

Nextdoor was created to strengthen communities and to help combat social isolation and loneliness. There is Facebook to connect you to people you already know, and LinkedIn to connect you to business contacts, but nothing to connect you to those who live closest to your home – your neighbours. 

After launching in Australia roughly seven months ago, 76% of Australian residences are in a Nextdoor neighbourhood. More than 50% of Sydney and Melbourne neighbourhoods are using the app, and it’s even higher in Perth and ACT where more than 70% of neighbourhoods are active on Nextdoor.  Aussie neighbours from Tasmania to Darwin and WA to QLD are using Nextdoor to get trusted recommendations, share crime and safety updates, and organise community meetups. 

Like Nextdoor, a core value of Garage Sale Trail is community. We both believe that small actions can drive big results. It only takes one person to kick off the flywheel of change, and we’re partnering together to make it easier for you to take action this year, because a community with less waste is better for everyone. 

“The Nextdoor & Garage Sale Trail  relationship is one of those beautifully natural partnerships. Garage sales are the epitome of local and so is Nextdoor. Nextdoor brings people together in their local area just as Garage Sale Trail does. ” – Andrew Valder, Co-Founder, Garage Sale Trail 

Councils will be posting on Nextdoor to keep residents aware of their plans for Garage Sale Trail 2019. As a resident, you can also post on Nextdoor to activate your neighbourhood and to get your neighbours involved. Nextdoor will also share a map before the event showing all of the garage sales registered in your hood, so don’t forget to go to to register yours.

Don’t have enough time or resources to organise a sale? No worries! List your items in Nextdoor’s For Sale and Free section. Just open the app on your mobile phone or login on your tablet or desktop, and click on “For Sale and Free” on the left hand menu to get started. 

We can’t wait to see neighbourhoods across Australia come together to hold garage sales from 19-20 October. It’s a great way to reduce waste, clean up your community, and make a meaningful connection with your neighbours, so get started! 


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