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Recommend a painter
Written by Jennie Sager

Support your neighbourhood favourites by recommending them now

Telling neighbours about businesses you’ve used and which ones you trust helps build a stronger community. Likewise, when you’re wondering who is the best plumber or tutor, or which restaurant to choose, Nextdoor is the best place to find trusted recommendations from your neighbours. 

You can post a recommendation from two locations on our site: from within our business directory, or from a post. 

Add new recommendations to our business directory

Go to our business directory found under ‘Recommendations’, and select the green button ‘Add new’. From here, you can search for any business across Australia. If you reach the end of the list and still can’t find the business you’re looking for, you can add the business or sole trader manually. 

Once you have the business page selected, you can add your recommendation and choose if you’d like the business to be able to see your comments.

Tagging a business in a post

The second way to recommend a business is to tag them in a post created on Nextdoor by yourself or a neighbour.  

When anyone mentions the name of a business in a post,  Nextdoor will often recognise that and ask the author if they would like to tag the business. You also have the option of tagging the business after a post has been made.

Fun fact: Over 25% of all conversations on Nextdoor revolve around
sharing recommendations for local businesses.

When you click ‘Tag a business’, you’ll be asked to confirm the business’s details, and to select a business category (e.g. mechanic).

Once completed, your post will then be shown on that business’ Business Page, so that your neighbours can read all content posted about a business as they browse the Nextdoor business directory.

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