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How To Get Your Public Service On Nextdoor

Written by Jennie Sager

We have officially launched Nextdoor for Public Services in Australia!

Councils and community organisations across Australia have already begun using their specially-designed pages to engage and communicate directly with residents within their service areas.

Public services that can benefit from operating their own page include councils, police, SES, Rural Fire Service, libraries, community organisations, charities, sporting clubs, and more. Once set up, representatives can post information such as important news, services, programs, free events, requests for information and even emergency alerts. 

Ready to get started? To read more about how this works, and to request your own page, please go to

Richard Price from Bayside Council in NSW tells us that what he likes most about using a Nextdoor public service page is the ease of communication with Bayside’s residents, “It was very easy to set up Council’s Nextdoor page and does not take much to maintain it,” he said.

“Nextdoor’s members possibly prefer the safety of a more community minded social media platform and seem both more community minded, and interested in what is going on locally.”

Some benefits of using your own page on Nextdoor

  • Post messages to your entire district, or target a small neighbourhood.
  • Respond to residents as they comment on your posts or send you a message.
  • Multiple staff members can operate the page, with either posting or administrator rights.
  • A metrics dashboard shows membership, content, and engagement.

An example of a public service page – Bayside Council, NSW

We are thrilled to welcome all public services in Australia to Nextdoor, so that just like Bayside Council, we can work together to help you serve your local area. 

All we need to get your page setup 

If you can fill in this form, you have nearly all the info we need to get your page set up. We also require ‘shapefiles’ – shapefiles are files that map out the boundaries for the neighbourhoods you need to communicate with. If you don’t have these files, let us know and we can locate them for you.

If you are a public service representative eager to request your own page, or if you are a Nextdoor member and would like to introduce us to your local public service staff, please email us at for more information. 

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