How To Get Your Neighbours Talking

Written by Jennie Sager

Getting your neighbourhood signed up to Nextdoor is just the beginning. Sometimes, people need a nudge to start sharing and chatting with their community.

If you are a neighbourhood lead (or would like to be a lead), we want to help you grow your Nextdoor community and have a few tips that will encourage your neighbours to contribute.

  1. Be an example
    If you lead the way by creating a range of different posts; a poll for people to vote on, an item for sale, list an event, launching a group, your neighbours will see the possibilities and are more likely to create their own post. Seeing someone else take the first step is a great way to learn and get excited. 
  2. Send a private message
    If you know someone that might have Community events they can promote or important news to share, reach out to them in a private message and suggest that they post this for your neighbourhood to see. They may just need a nudge!
  3. Contact prominent community members
    If you know someone who is often at the centre of community activities, who inspires others, and is a natural at initiating ideas, drop them a note and suggest that they join Nextdoor. Or, if they are already a member, suggest they post about their latest idea. 
  4. Crime and safety
    Nextdoor can take the leading role in spreading vital information to your community about issues of crime and safety. If you know somebody who is involved with maintaining safety in your neighbourhood, perhaps a local councillor, a police officer, or just someone who takes a particular interest in this, they are the perfect person to explain the benefits of using Nextdoor.
  5. Share information you find
    Leads can become a source of useful information in the neighbourhood, uncovering local news that will help neighbours go about their day, get to work, avoid hassles or get engaged in community issues. These tips can come from many sources. So, if you spot a locally-relevant article in the newspaper,  find out about a new shop that is opening, or perhaps you see a sign of an upcoming garage sale, feel free to share this on Nextdoor. Just make it clear where you found the information.

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