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Honouring ANZAC Day In This Challenging Time

Written by Jennie Sager

When times are tough, we often see the true Aussie spirit shine through. It’s a spirit of mateship, courage, trust, and kindness. It’s the ANZAC spirit. 

At Nextdoor, we are privileged to see this in every neighbourhood across Australia. Neighbours are helping each other more than ever before… coming together to perform incredible tasks such as swapping supplies, making masks from hand, celebrating birthdays from afar, and simply checking in virtually on one another. 

We have enjoyed seeing members flood their feeds with unique ways to come together to honour our Anzacs whilst we are apart this year.

We’ve seen many of you posting on Nextdoor, asking how we can honour ANZAC Day this year, and we want to remind you that while we are physical apart, we are still united as a community. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with “Music for Mateship”, a community driven initiative that has organised some simple ways to honour ANZAC Day at home. 

Things that you can do this year:

1. Walk outside and stand in your driveway, front yard, or balcony just before 6am on Saturday, April 25

2. If you have an instrument, play The Last Post (music downloadable on the site below). If not, lead your neighbours in a commemorative moment. 

3. Observe a minute of silence

4. Reach out to a mate who might be alone. Many people are immobile and alone during this time. Check-in via phone or email. 

5. Tune into live services and virtual commemorative services. The ABC will broadcast services at 530am and 10am. 

Start rehearsing and share a picture on Nextdoor to spread the word in your neighbourhood.

For more information and to download music, visit “Music for Mateship” here:

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  • we always go to the second serves with my kids i will miss it prayers to all men & women who serived Australia an new Zealand lest we for get my dad was in the 2,22 norm furness he has been on tv news many times

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