• I have watched Nicole in action for years. The bikes congregate each morning on the corner of my street. Fifteen or more kids and parents. My own daughter biked to junior high 13 years ago and she was one of the few kids that rode her bike from home to school. Nicole has gotten these kids excited about cycling to school “Biking to school is cool!” She has my vote for sure!

  • So this is about health, the environment, the economy, lifestyle choices, self awareness, respect, community, education, team building, organization, commitment…………so many factors that are lost in today’s world by kids, adults, governments and business!…… This program benefits the kids, parents, schools, and all of the above mentioned…….the bike train creates leaders, opens doors, and has significant impact beyond a clean up or a rescue (which are great!). The bike train teaches life skills…….these are the kids that will make our world a better place………….How could you not vote for Nicole’s efforts?

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