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Nextdoor And Garage Sale Trail Partner In Cleaning Up and Connecting

Written by Siobhan Moylan

We can’t wait to see neighbourhoods around the country come together to hold garage sales over the October 19-20 weekend. It’s a great way to get your spring cleaning done, reduce waste, clean up your community, and make meaningful connections with your neighbours, so let’s get started together. 

At Nextdoor, we know that building connections and community is a universal human need and that’s why partnering with Garage Sale Trail is a natural fit. Everything at Nextdoor is built on the power of local. We have already seen many of our members working together and signing up for local garage sales, and we encourage you to do the same and register now

George Luxford is a Nextdoor Lead in Cranebrook, NSW. He took some time out to talk to Nextdoor about why he registers every year.

Why Garage Sale Trail, and why again this year? I have been involved with the Garage Sale Trail for about five years now. It’s a good way to get rid of unused items and socialise with the potential buyers who come along.

What items are you planning to get rid of this year?   I will be selling large pictures, kitchenware, sporting items, books and plants. I recently cleaned up my mother’s place and rather than dumping everything from the house, I will offer them to others. As an avid gardener, I like sharing with other enthusiastic gardeners looking for inexpensive plants.

How does Garage Sale Trail bring your community together? Garage sales give people the opportunity to get out to chat with neighbours and people living nearby, even if it’s only looking! It is also a great way to be part of a local event in the community.

What does the share economy amongst neighbours mean to you?  It is all about reusing and recycling unwanted items around the house which may be of use to someone else. We all need to do our bit to help reduce waste, which might otherwise go to landfill. When neighbours see what others are doing, then they might be motivated to get involved.

Garage Sale Trail at George’s Cranebrook home in 2018


  • I am sorry, don’t quite understand how Garage Sale Trail works. I did try to figure it out, but other than reading about how great it is, don’t know how it works
    What happens once you register? Do people get together to sell things at a certain venue? I don’t have very many items to sell and am on my own, so having a garage sale in front of my house wouldn’t work

  • Hi Judy,
    If you don’t have many items for sale, the best option is to join a group sale in your area. You can either talk to your neighbours to see if they are interested in joining forces with you, or join an existing group sale.

    Many areas have group sales you can join as a stallholder, and bring along a suitcase / table / car load of stuff to sell. Using the map on, you can find one nearby to your home and contact the organiser to request to join the sale using the JOIN SALE button on their sale page so you don’t miss out.
    I hope this helps,

  • I have used the Garage Sale Trail for 3 years now, can only say how successful they have been to on-sell my retiring Stampin’ Up products, like stamp sets, ink pads, punches, cardstock etc. I teach ladies how to make their own greeting cards at my home once a month. They all use the SU products, as we feel they are the best!!!

  • Hi Yun,

    Thats great news! You can access our ‘For Sale and Free’ product to sell or give-away items.

    All you have to do is login to your account and click inside the “Post a message, event, poll, or urgent alert to neighbours” box at the top of your Newsfeed and post, selecting the ‘For Sale and Free’ category and completing the following steps.

    The more information, supported by images and variables (description etc) help our sellers find the right buyers far quicker.

    For more information, please check out our helpful how to guide on For Sale and Free Here


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