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New Product Features for Local Businesses in Response to Coronavirus

Written by Jennie Sager

Small businesses are facing unprecedented challenges as the coronavirus situation evolves, and we at Nextdoor are doing everything we can to support the local businesses critical to our neighbourhoods. This week, we’ve launched new product features for small businesses challenged by coronavirus. 

In the last two weeks, conversations on Nextdoor about supporting local businesses have increased by 4X – we  are seeing neighbours sharing which of their favourite restaurants are still open for takeaway, rallying fellow patrons to buy local gift cards to keep businesses afloat,  and some are even organising fundraising campaigns to help now out-of-work employees and the recently retrenched.

When in-person business is difficult, or even impossible, offering gift cards, takeaway, home delivery services, and fundraising can be powerful tools to help boost cash flow. We’re making it simple to update your Nextdoor Business Page to share with your most loyal customers and neighbours. 

With your Nextdoor Business Page, you now have access to the following features. Not yet on Nextdoor? Claim your free Business Page to get started. 

Gift Card: In the Business Profile section of your Business Page under Contact Information, you can now add your gift card URL so that neighbours know exactly where to purchase gift cards with you. Enter your URL in the field labelled URL for gift card purchases

Add a URL to your Business Page that will direct members to purchase gift cards.

The Gift Card link will appear on your Business Page, where members can click to purchase a gift card through your website, or another source. Please note that it is your responsibility to set up your business’s gift card purchasing mechanism; the transaction takes place outside of Nextdoor. There is no cost or fee associated with adding a Gift Card link to your Business Page. 

Takeaway Options: Many local businesses are switching gears to offer takeaway or home delivery options. If that’s you, share your available options on Nextdoor. You’ll see two new check-boxes for Takeaway available and Delivery available at the bottom of your business page.

  • Check the box for Takeaway available so members can see that you offer that service.
  • If you check the box for Delivery available, you’ll see a new field where you can enter a URL through which members can order from your business for delivery. This link will be displayed on your Business Page.
Businesses can now indicate if they provide takeaway and delivery options.

Fundraising: Many businesses have started fundraising campaigns on platforms like GoFundMe to raise money for themselves or others in need, and we want to help you get the word out on Nextdoor. If you have a campaign currently running, you can now add the link to the Story section of your Nextdoor Business Page. 

Add your fundraising link to the “Story” section of your Business Page 

Not yet set up on GoFundMe? Start your campaign!

We hope that these new functions help you and your business right now. For more news and information about how to help your business navigate through these rough times, read our Coronavirus Preparedness Tips for Local Businesses

You can also email us with additional business tips or stories to share for future blog content.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Nextdoor charge me to add a Gift Card link, or Takeaway or  Delivery options to my Business Page?

There is no cost or fee associated with adding a Gift Card link or Takeaway and Delivery options to your Business Page.

  • I’m not yet set up to do delivery, but I want to. Can you share some resources?

You can sign up with a third-party service like Doordash, Grubhub, UberEats, Caviar, or Instacart to begin offering delivery services to your customers. 

  • How will members discover these services I offer?

Members will discover that your business supports the purchase of gift cards and/or the option of takeout/delivery through promotions that we place in the Newsfeed and Businesses section.

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