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Reach Out To Locals With Our New Business Pages

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Written by Siobhan Moylan

Are you an individual trying to spread the word about your business? Maybe your business is new in the area and you want to let the locals know more? Claiming a business page on Nextdoor is a free, simple way to reach residents in the areas your business covers, and it also makes it easier for people to find and recommend you. 

“I’m a 100% eco cleaner who doesn’t use toxic or any chemical based
cleaning product: the business is unique for many reasons, but the
response & genuine clients obtained has been huge in less than
two months.”
— Nextdoor user Robyn, on

How to create your own business page on Nextdoor:

Nextdoor users frequently ask for recommendations from their neighbours about anything from plumbers and landscapers to florists, and kid-friendly restaurants.

Claiming your business page on Nextdoor will help people discover your business.  From your business page, you’ll also be able to see recommendations written about your services by your neighbours.

There are two ways to create a page for your business on Nextdoor. 

  1. Claim a business page
  2. Create a business page from scratch

Claim your business page:

1. Choose what kind of business you would like to add to Nextdoor

2. Look up your business in our listings on the page

3. Select your business and choose if you are a business or a sole operator (e.g. dog walker)

4. Confirm your business details and then use our phone verification to confirm your identity.

5. You will then be asked to add a photo and greeting message – to help neighbours get to know your business.

6. Then, you’re done! Time to get your first recommendation. Start contacting your previous clients or customers to receive recommendations of your work. 

Start local and think global – neighbours on Nextdoor will be able to find your business in every neighbourhood in which you receive a recommendation!

Tip: Encourage more word-of-mouth promotion for your business
It’s good practise to respond to any recommendation or comment you see appear that mentions your business.

Can’t find your business page in our listings? Here’s how to create one from scratch:

If you can’t locate your business name in our listings, create your own page starting here: 

  1. Start by telling us your contact details for your Nextdoor account

2. Complete the essential details about your business location, and add a photo and greeting message – to help neighbours get to know your business

3. Then… it’s time to start gathering recommendations for your business page!

Tip: Recommendations are the key
The more recommendations you receive from happy clients or customers, the more neighbourhoods will be able to discover you when they search for a business! People outside your neighbourhood can recommend you, so share the link to your Nextdoor business page with your mailing list and ask them to leave you a recommendation. 

If you get stuck anywhere along the way, we’re here to help you! Just email

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