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Sharing The Good News

Written by Jennie Sager

At Nextdoor, we believe that kindness is contagious, and we see positivity spreading through our platform every single day. Neighbours across Australia are turning to Nextdoor now, more than ever before. Whether it’s helping a neighbour in need by dropping supplies at the front door, entertaining kids in the community by placing a bear in the window, or simply speaking to a neighbour over the back fence while maintaining a safe distance, we are all leaning on each other virtually while we distance physically. 

Our hearts are warmed when we read your stories, but we’ve heard from you repeatedly that you would like to learn about the goodness happening outside of your Nextdoor neighbourhood. That’s why we’ve teamed up with The Good News,  a platform for positive stories. Together, The Good News and Nextdoor Australia are launching “Mateship Mondays”, where we will highlight one positive story from a Nextdoor neighbourhood in Australia each week, allowing members to learn about what other Nextdoor members are doing to spread kindness in their community. It will also give you the chance to celebrate your own neighbourhood, by sharing your story. 

Cameron Smith, Editor of The Good News, says “The purpose of The Good News is to share stories that make you smile. And you only have to glance at Nextdoor to see all of the amazing things Australians are doing in their own neighbourhoods. It’s these exact stories that we are wanting to tell and so this partnership is a natural fit and a great way to amplify the great work within the Nextdoor community.”

No act of kindness is too small, and often it’s the little things that go a long way… things like smiling at a stranger, saying ‘Hello” to someone you don’t know, or picking up litter on your street. Imagine a rock landing in a lake… the ripple effect of the water is like the knock-on effect from kindness. 

Plus, your acts of kindness not only impact others, but they can also change you! When you do a good deed, your brain releases endorphins and your health and mindset also improve. 

Jennie Sager, Head of Nextdoor Australia says,

“One of the reasons why I absolutely love my job is because I get to see all of the amazing bits of goodness happening across Australia every single day…”

… and then I often get to meet the incredible people behind them. I’ve realised that reading these stories has influenced my behaviour and has made me a better person. I am so excited to share these moments widely, through our partnership with The Good News. As former journalists, Cameron and I are both well aware of the fact that being consumed by negative news can take a toll on the mind and body. Now it’s our turn to shine a light on the power of positivity and celebrate the spirit of mateship that us Aussies are known for.” 

Mateship Mondays kicks off Monday, April 27th. Submit a story from your neighbourhood!

Note: This is not a paid advertisement. This is a partnership between two organisations who want believe in the power of positivity and spreading kindness across Australia
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  • I am looking for somebody that can grout a small bathroom & toilet must have experience please
    Thanking you

  • can any one help me i would like to hire a truck a pantec for about to weeks to do a Removal of house and garden , the trucks they have at nowra are a bit to small ,( cash payment .) ( would like HR but not essential ) if you can help please ring Alan 0421154382

  • Thank you, what a lovely way to help with iso, and hopefully beyond. Look forward to the first one?

  • Hey I like this idea but can I also ask for funny. We all just need to laugh even if somewhat inappropriately. So lets celebrate the silly I say and can we please post silliness, the sillier the better I say. so some dad jokes, beaver barber stories, botched new roles whatever makes people laugh feel free to send because that is what will keep us sane . Love your effort.
    I will post a silly challenge for anyone reading this. See if when you order your coffee or other 1.5 distance X mark if you can hop from spot to spot as you move through the queue. Bonus points for pics.
    #Stayappreciativeconnected and caring and take care of your beautiful selves and your nearest dearest and smile and chat to your 1.5 metre closest stranger.

  • Why can’t I sign in? Had issues in the past, very frustrating. I could read all messages and today, I can’t.  Asking me to sign in. Can’t remember password. And if I enter email address “forgot password “, it says unable to send email. 

    Please help. Feel like unsubscribing, waisting too much time. 


  • I want to say a public thank you to all those in Brighton that helped me celebrate Anzac Day.
    From Emma, whose sons distr my invitation for people to welcome Anzac at their gate with a lit candle: to Andrew and Paul my immediate neighbours who made “Last Post” possible: to everyone that – while conforming to the demand of social distancing were there at 6 am to “remember”: to the police car that went past to check on social distancing: Jack – the four? Yr old who left a hand-made poppy on my fence and to all the Harry’ and Evie’s (under 10 yrs) who braved the cold to Be there with there candles: and finally my immediate neighbours who – afterwards- came to wish me well.
    What a neighbourhood to be proud of!
    Thank you
    Major Karl Cameron-Jackson (Retd)
    Malaya 1963-4, SVn 1964, then SVn 1966-67

  • Hi Jennie
    It’s so good to see that community still exists today and with what you are doing is absolutely the best thing any human could do for another. You sound like an awesome soul.
    My story is simple! Migrated to Brisbane in 2012 on a two month trip. Seven weeks into our sojourn to Brisbane I was given 3-6 months. I am still here after a lot of pre, during and post cancer issues that I decided to share what helped me out and the full understanding of a simple philosophy about proper nutrition.
    It’s been a life long goal to live in Queensland and after recovering from chemo moved to what we call our island. Love it and Woody Point is just what I was looking for. Thanks for being a part of our neighborhood.

  • Hi Alan

    Thanks for reaching out!

    To ensure your post reaches everyone in your Neighbourhood who might be able to help with this request, I recommend you post this in your Neighbourhood news feed and hopefully a helpful neighbour can support your move.

    Alternatively, you can go to our ‘Business’ section of our web or app site and search for the business you’re looking for. If it’s not there, and you’ve ended up using someone we recommend adding them in so another Neighbour can be sure to use someone on your recommendation!

    If you have any questions or need further assistance, the team will be happy to help on


  • Hi Petra, we’re sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had logging in. We’ve sent you a direct email to help you get this resolved. Thanks, Josh

  • Hi Cheryl,

    We are extremely sorry to hear about your experience and appreciate your feedback. We have emailed you to follow this up and get more information so we can best assist and investigate.


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