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“Thank You, Neighbour” #strengthinneighbours

Written by Jennie Sager

Between droughts, bushfires, floods, and now the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it’s been a tough year for Aussies. However, we’ve also shown a sense of togetherness during these times of crisis.  

Proximity is vital in challenging times, and Australians are depending on their local community for help now more than ever before. In fact, there has been a 523% lift in neighbours talking about helping each other on Nextdoor since January. Kindness is becoming a daily habit, and we believe it is contagious. 

In March, we launched the Nextdoor Help Map, giving neighbours an easy way to offer help and to ask for help privately

With restrictions now beginning to ease in Australia, it’s time to give thanks to those that lent a hand in your community. No act of kindness is too small, sometimes little things can make a big difference.  In my neighbourhood, I’m thankful for the neighbour I’ve never met who left a box of yeast in my letterbox and also the nurse who lives down the street. 

That’s why we’ve launched the “Thank You, Neighbour” campaign, to offer you an easy way to express your gratitude to someone who has helped you along the way. Maybe it was help evacuating during the bushfires, or checking in on you in a time of need, or even just asking you to grab a coffee when you needed a friend. Click here to share a Thank You note on Nextdoor and your social media accounts and you can also download our Thank You card for print. 

Your neighbours are often the first line of support in a time of need. Here’s a look at some Nextdoor posts from around Australia which remind us all that there is indeed strength in neighbours.

Australian neighbours say ‘Thank You’.

Rent Reduction – NSW

During Covid-19 many people have been short on cash, triggering some landlords to drop the rent and for that we praise you. Nextdoor Member Graeme Dodd wrote to us and said, “My landlord, who is a complete stranger,  instructed the agency to have my rent waived, not to be repaid for the entire shutdown period, even after they had just done a complete bathroom renovation at substantial expense at my request” He told us that, “the thing about isolation when it’s so strict, is that you need to keep communicating and the only way to do it during Covid is through apps like Nextdoor, “My mental health was kept intact by connecting with people via the Nextdoor app. I did a few jobs for people around the neighbourhood, I actually went and did the shopping for one family and I was so happy that they sent me photos of what they had made, looks like I have made new friends!” 

Saved at the check out –  Gold Coast 

Helena Rich was shopping on Hope Island recently and after getting to the checkout she realised that she had left her wallet at home. Who hasn’t done that before?! Helen asked the checkout assistant to put the items aside for her whilst she went home to get some money. Helena told Nextdoor, “but then the most beautiful thing happened…The lady in front of me paid for my shopping. I could not believe this act of kindness but it has reinforced my belief that we all have good in us and maybe it took this pandemic to remind us . I cannot never thank that beautiful human being who helped me.”

Living alone, but not alone – Adelaide 

Julian Tregenza is nearly 50 years old, living alone with his dog and Complex PTSD. This condition makes it tricky for him to leave the house at times, and has rendered him unable to work. His neighbours, Kelly and Jeremy, have been randomly popping over with beautiful home cooked meals that have been frozen and ready to go. “Today Kelli rocked up with two batches of braised steak and onions, a big bag of home made pies, and some homemade cupcakes (complete with a little container of cream)… I don’t have much that I can thank them with in return except for lovely magnolia flowers from my tree when it is blooming” said Julian. The way he described his street sounded like a scene directly out of neighbours and we loved hearing this story from Port Adelaide!

For Art’s Sake  – Queensland 

Michael Lyons from Browns Plain wrote in to tell us about the occupants having decorated the corner house with an outstanding mural on the fence, beautiful garden and a community help box. He said that “Although I don’t know these people, it is such a wonderfully done job on the outside of the house that I deliberately drive past to brighten my day!  The occupants know what neighbourhood spirit is, as they share so much with everyone. If everyone did something similar, the world would be a much better place. I feel blessed to have such people in my neighbourhood and I’ve loved sharing this picture on Nextdoor” 

Lightening the Load through gaming – NSW

Irene from Kellyville in NSW made a request for a Play Station or “anything of that nature” for her 57-year- old disabled son who is going into permanent care after a stroke. He is confined to a wheelchair having had both legs removed at knee. Irene said the  response she received was incredible, “The generosity of people is amazing. One lady gave me so many Nintendo games it wasn’t funny.”  She intends to distribute the left overs games at the care facility. “I will feel like Santa when I give them away. Thank you all again, the Australian nature is something to behold. The response truly blew me away. Nextdoor is great, it’s a good cross section of people and during COVID, it’s really kept us in the picture as to what’s happening locally”

The Sikhs are called out for kindness – Victoria 

Pamela McAllister has raised her hand to call out the Sikh Community in Boondall QLD,  who, every night for many weeks, have been offering free home cooked meals to anyone who wants them. As well as delivering to people who are in isolation in their homes, they also park their food van outside our local fruit shop at Cabbage Tree Creek where you can pick up very tasty and nutritious meals.”  We love this!


As Mr Rogers famously said, “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood” and we love to see that sentiment echoed here in the North West of Sydney where Francine has called out kindness by giving thanks …  

Thanks to all of you who are sending through messages of praise, gratitude and appreciation and allowing us to share your stories. To share your story in words or via a video message, email or submit here 

Download our free thank you cards or virtual tiles for social media, and express your gratitude for someone that helped you along the way. Remember, there is strength in neighbours and we all need someone to rely on.  And join us online at this hashtag #strengthinneighbours


  • i am a pensioner or (prisoner) living alone and my next door neighbours Jan and Com have been not only helpful in the yard bur Jan often drops enough food to last two to three days.Not only that but always have time for a chat at the front and invite me in for a chat.Its uplifting and cheers me up no end. great neighbours

  • Thanks for sharing Ben! These are the kind of stories we love to hear about. Don’t forgot to post this to your neighbourhood and give that extra special thanks to Jan and Cam, see how you can share here

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