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Nextdoor Welcomes New Partners

Written by Jennie Sager

Nextdoor partners with local councils, government agencies, service providers and community organisations across Australia. The goals of our partners align with Nextdoor’s core purpose of building stronger and more connected local communities and cultivating a kinder world where we all have a neighbourhood to rely on.We are pleased to announce the following new partnerships: 

Council on the Ageing (COTA) ACT

Council on the Ageing (COTA) ACT is the peak organisation concerned with all issues related to ageing and works to protect and promote the well-being, rights and interests of all older people in the Australian Capital Territory and their carers.

COTA ACT believes older people should have access to the support they need to live fulfilled, dignified and happy lives and provides a range of free services to COTA members and the Canberra community. They have joined Nextdoor to share important information about support available to older Canberrans. 

Mentoring Men 

Just like Nextdoor, Mentoring Men understands that in these difficult and challenging times connection and supporting each other is more important than ever. 

Mentoring Men is a registered Australian charity providing life mentoring programs for adult men in the community, regardless of their background or beliefs. Some of the benefits of Mentoring Men’s programs include overcoming loneliness and isolation, gaining the ability to cope with distress caused by a relationship and other life challenges, acting on mental health issues, improving confidence and self-esteem and feeling connected to others. 

Mentoring Men have joined Nextdoor to share information about their programs and support available for adult men in neighbourhoods across South West Sydney. 

City of Ryde 

The City of Ryde is located in Sydney’s north-western suburbs, about 10 kilometres from the Sydney CBD, with an estimated resident population of 131,271. 

The City of Ryde was one of the first Local Government Areas to experience an outbreak of COVID-19. Mayor Jerome Laxale quickly took action to keep residents in his council area well-informed as the challenging situation unfolded. One key part of his strategy was joining Nextdoor to share essential information directly with residents in his area. We’re thrilled to work with Mayor Laxale to make Ryde a safer and stronger community. 

Relationships Australia NSW

Just like Nextdoor, Relationships Australia believes in the power of positivity and that a kind community is a stronger community.  Relationships Australia (RA) promotes relationships that are safe, healthy, and strong. RA is dedicated to enhancing relationships within families and their communities in order to foster personal and social well-being. On Nextdoor, Relationships Australia shares everything from mental health tips to ideas for keeping busy during physical distancing. 

Hornsby Shire Council

Hornsby Shire Council is located in Sydney’s northern suburbs – about 25 kilometres from the Sydney CBD, with an estimated resident population of 152,059. 

Head of Nextdoor Australia Jennie Sager and Mayor of Hornsby Philip Ruddock

Residents across the Hornsby Shire were early adopters of the Nextdoor app when it arrived in Australia in 2018. There are now 26 active Nextdoor neighbourhoods established across the Hornsby Shire with thousands of residents using Nextdoor. The suburb of Cherrybrook within the Shire is one of the largest and most active Nextdoor neighbourhoods in NSW. Ongoing steady growth of people joining Nextdoor across the Shire has been entirely community-led to date with many passionate residents in the area seeking to connect and offer help within their local neighbourhood. For this reason, Nextdoor is very excited to welcome Hornsby Shire Council onto Nextdoor. 

Willoughby City Council

Willoughby City Council is located in Sydney’s northern suburbs – about 9 kilometres from the Sydney CBD, with an estimated resident population of 81, 189. There are now 14 active Nextdoor neighbourhoods established across the City of Willoughby. From Naremburn to Chatswood, and Roseville to Middle Cove thousands of residents are already using Nextdoor. 

Nextdoor recognises that local councils play a critical role in engaging and communicating with their local communities and we are increasingly seeing local councils pro-actively adopt Nextdoor as a new way of engaging and connecting with their local residents. 

Nextdoor Australia is pleased to welcome Willoughby City Council onto Nextdoor in an effort to build a more resilient Willoughby City community in the face of the ongoing Covid -19 Pandemic. 

Wentworth Point Community Central 

Wentworth Point is a high growth suburb located approximately 15 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD, situated in the City of Parramatta. 

Wentworth Point Community Central connects residents in the Wentworth Point community by organising social events, special interest groups and community based activities. Nextdoor is pleased to welcome Wentworth Point Community Central onto Nextdoor where they will be using the public services platform to foster community engagement on important local issues and disseminate information of interest to the Wentworth point community. 

Each month, we will continue to announce our new partnerships across Australia. 

Important Information for Nextdoor Members

Nextdoor provides a free neighbourhood engagement tool designed to help local councils, government agencies, service providers and community organisations communicate directly with the neighbourhoods they serve.  If you would like to learn more, please click here. 

As a member of Nextdoor, it’s important to remember that you will only see updates from our partners if you live within their service area. If you no longer wish to receive partner updates, you can click on their profile and then click ‘unsubscribe.’

Whilst you will be able to like or comment on posts from our partners, please keep in mind that your Nextdoor neighbourhood network remains private to only you and your neighbours who are verified residents on Nextdoor. Partners cannot see your neighbourhood newsfeed or what you and your neighbours are discussing in your Nextdoor neighbourhood. 

Nextdoor is in discussions with many more potential partners across Australia and we look forward to announcing further partnerships over the coming months. 

If you have a suggestion about a potential partner that you think would benefit your Nextdoor neighbourhood, please submit the form at 

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