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Happy Father’s Day, Neighbours!

Written by Siobhan Moylan

Things Dads Do….

Hey Neighbours, It’s Fathers Day this Sunday!  It’s a special day for us to  pay homage to all of the fathers in Australia and to those who make our days brighter  on Nextdoor.

To the fathers, grandfathers, new Dads, father- in-laws, step-fathers and the ones we’ve lost along the way, this Sunday is all about  you. 

There is a lot of fatherly love happening on Nextdoor.  We see the welcoming of  first-time Dads  and people comforting neighbours who’ve lost a dad or who are dealing with sick dads. There are also dads organising sports, mending fences,  and offering to lend a  hand around the neighbourhood. 

I am lucky enough to have my own Dad living on my street in Coogee, NSW! Up above, you can see a picture of my  Dad and I in Mykonos, Greece  two years ago, when we went on a trip for his birthday.  I got sick with food poisoning on the last night and Dad had to basically carry me onto the plane at the airport back to London – that’s what Dads do! 

The one below is my Dad at the pub a few weeks ago, and there is a story behind it.  One day I thought I’d do Dad a favour and pop a load of washing on for him. The next day, my sister Fiona, told me Dad’s jumper was now big enough to fit my 4 year old nephew Oscar. This was Dad’s favourite (very old) jumper with lots of holes in it. I have now claimed it as my favourite very old jumper with lots of holes in it! 

Luckily, my Dad forgave me, because that’s what Dads do! 

Tim Moylan.

I had a look around my own Nextdoor neighbourhood and Dad of two, Matt Hall’s post made me laugh. 

Matt posted on Nextdoor a few months ago about his son’s missing lizard and how he was doing Dad-like stuff and searching for Lolly. Well, guess what? This week he found the missing lizard!  Matt told me that he was super stoked by the reaction that he got from sons Ethan and Luke but also from the local neighbourhood who were very chuffed about the return and reunion of Lolly and Molly – 

I asked Matt what the best part about being a Dad was and he told me that, 

“I have a captive audience for my terrible Dad jokes” 

Matt and the Kids

Then  there is Grant from Drysdale in Melbourne who made me smile earlier in the year when he created a special new window display each week for his daughter and the neighbourhood – all in a bid to bring a smile to his daughter’s face. 

Let’s not forget the new fathers out there sharing news about the new arrivals in their households.  Congratulations!

And finally to Alexander, in our largest Nextdoor neighbourhood in Australia, Rowville – for often telling the best dad’s jokes!!

So from us at Nextdoor to you and yours – Happy Fathers Day, to all fathers past and present. 

I’d love to hear your stories! Feel free to email me at to share  stories of your own.

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