Celebrate the holidays with the Nextdoor Cheer Map!

Written by Jennie Sager

We are excited to  introduce the Cheer Map to all neighbourhoods in Australia – it is your interactive local guide to share and discover the best holiday lights and decorations in your area.  

Nextdoor’s map is here to help you share the festive season with neighbours and make sure they know that your lights are there to be seen! It’s a Covid-safe way to celebrate the holidays and to interact with your neighbours. 

Simply toggle to the Cheer map on the left hand side of your screen and mark your home as one to watch or find others who are celebrating in your local area. 

With so many of us  staying local this year, I bet we’ll see extra effort from our neighbours. I know my own community is starting to celebrate!

No matter which holiday you celebrate, get in the spirit by marking your home on the Cheer Map, then explore the map to see which houses will have holiday displays for a safe, contact-free sightseeing festivity. 

The Cheer Map is available nationwide in Australia,  the United States, and Canada until January. 

Tap into the Nextdoor app and visit the Cheer Map now to get in the holiday spirit and celebrate safely.

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