5 Ways To Reduce Loneliness in Your Neighbourhood

Written by Sarah Friar

As we enter a new year, many of us are still spending a lot of time at home. But, that doesn’t mean we’re alone. We have our neighbours.

Nextdoor’s KIND Challenge, a scientific study conducted with leading experts, recently found that knowing as few as six neighbours has proven health benefits, like reducing the likelihood of feeling lonely and lowering depression and social anxiety.

We hope you’ll continue reaching out to your neighbours, particularly those who may be feeling lonely or socially isolated. Here are ways to use Nextdoor to connect with your neighbours 

  1. Join a Group around a common interest; 
  2. Check in on a neighbour via direct messages
  3. Share a story about how you helped a neighbour or how a neighbour helped you in the newsfeed to inspire others!
  4. Lend a helping hand to a neighbour in need by marking your home on the Help Map; or
  5. Learn more about how to reduce loneliness in your neighbourhood.

Each day we’re so inspired by the ways neighbours around the world are connecting through Nextdoor: 

In Sydney, Shannon found herself struggling with loneliness while going through IVF. Through Nextdoor, she organised a ladies lunch and 15 women of all ages showed up to meet her. Ever since, she’s had a group of women in her neighbourhood to rely on who have been able to give her moral support during her journey with IVF. 

In Los Angeles, Isabelle posted on Nextdoor about her father, Giovanni, a chef who was coping with the loss of one of his daughters to cancer, divorce and a deep depression that left him out of work. Dozens of neighbours began ordering Giovanni’s homemade tiramisu, and Isabelle says her dad now has regular customers and, more importantly, hope.

Our neighbourhoods aren’t just where we live, they’re essential to who we are. 

Let’s make them even better. 


CEO of Nextdoor 

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